All of our sleepwear sets are designed to both be breathable as well as have a sensual and luxurious feel. Your sleepwear set does not need an expensive dry cleaning trip after use! The garments are created with the intention to feel stylish on, whilst not compromising on comfort and practicality.

How do I wash my sets?

Like any special fabric  please wash on a cold setting. Never use hot water when washing your sleepwear sets. Due to the nature of the fabric, there is no need to use warmer water. It’s preferable to wash the set alone, however if required to share, ensure it’s only with other similar fabrics and colours. Washing the sets with rough fabrics can cause pilling or damage. 


Please use delicate or eco-friendly laundry detergent

Never use any products that contain bleaching agents/brighteners or fabric softeners. These products will break down the composition of the fabric or remove the colour and they won’t last as long.


How should I dry my sleepwear?

It's best to hang your set in the sun, but not everyone has a back yard, and even fewer have a drying line (keep in mind the sun is great at killing any bacteria!), but air drying your set will work as well. If you choose to tumble-dry your sets, you will damage them, please don't do this! Both our organic bamboo sleepwear and classic sets should be line-dried only.

Our satin sleepwear range

Our classic sleepwear is made of a 97% poly/spandex satin blend with a 400 thread-count weave. They may need a cold gentle machine wash before use. If necessary a warm iron may be used. Due to the nature of the fabric, colour may transfer.

Our organic bamboo sleepwear range

Our bamboo sets are made of 95% organic bamboo/5% spandex and have a 350 thread count weave. Wash on cold, delicate setting only. Do not tumble dry. If necessary, a warm iron may be used.