We believe in making better choices throughout our business to benefit the world; our production and delivery processes are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, which is better for you, us and our planet.

 Long lasting, timeless sleepwear

Maison is run by a team that holds strong values around prioritising slow fashion and embracing sustainable luxury through the purchase of long-wearing, ethically made products. We are huge believers in quality and aim to provide you with timeless sleepwear that can be worn across seasons and will last you many years.

Zero plastic packaging

Our sets arrive to you wrapped beautifully in tissue and in our signature black saffiano cardboard gift boxes, delivering an unboxing experience that isn’t tarnished by excessive amounts of single use plastic. Our packaging can go straight into your recycling bin, ready for a fresh start.

Hot Tip: Have you considered reusing your Maison gift box? They make great storage for jewellery, socks or underwear, Marie Kondo-style.

Rather than packing your sets in a plastic mail mag, we made a conscious decision to send all orders in cardboard postage boxes to allow for recycling and minimise our environmental impact.

Family-owned — both Maison, and our partners

When we began Maison, we tested fabrics from all over the world with two main criteria: the highest quality possible and the desire to source from other small family-run businesses.

The partnership we chose is with a small factory in Ganzhau, among the clifftops of Yunlong Mountain in southeast China.

Our local partner has lived in this region her whole life and takes pride in being part of the process from the sourcing of material, to manufacturing and international despatch. We request regular video and photo evidence of the manufacturing and adhere to a strict process to ensure standards are kept in line with our internal expectations.

All goods are bulk shipped to Melbourne, Australia, where they are warehoused and then personalised for customers before being despatched.  Our dispatch guy, Frank, has a cool moustache.

Oeko Tex 100 certified and organic

Our sleepwear is made from organically grown bamboo, certified organic by Control Union Certifications. Our products also carry the Oeko Tex 100 standard certification which states that there are no chemicals present in the product that are harmful to human health.

Copies of our organic certifications can be provided to partners upon request.

Our bamboo sleepwear range

Our bamboo sets are made from 95% organic bamboo thread and 5% elastane. Bamboo is a sustainable and healthy alternative to synthetic fabrics – it's kinder on the earth and one of the most rapidly regenerating plants in existence. The production process is carbon-neutral and water-efficient, and the inherent microbial property of bamboo also eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilisers, making it a healthy choice for everyday wear.

Our bamboo is manufactured using a closed-loop process. The sets are created by crushing the bamboo plant and using a natural enzyme to break it down before fibres are created and spun into yarn.

Our satin sleepwear range

Our satin sets are handmade satin threading and weave a 400 thread-count level poly/spandex blend. We use only one material type with a limited colour palette to reduce our environmental footprint.


The environmental impact of online shopping has been well documented, and indicates that express deliveries have a heavier carbon footprint than slower ones.

We despatch orders on a twice weekly basis to minimise our postal runs, opting for a green shipping option (3-5+ day turnaround) as standard, which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

We understand that sometimes orders are needed urgently, and also provide an express shipping service by request during peak volume periods (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Black Friday).

Gender equality, human rights and labour

We aim to promote and respect all people associated with our business, and practice good practice labour initiatives in compliance with industry standards:

The Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Base Code
The Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Gender Equality Base Code
UN Sustainable Development Goals
UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights